Sshh! Beauty is Speaking...

What we are all about

Treatments ​

The Cure for feeling tense

Step away from your world as you know. Step into a world of outer sensation and inner relaxation. By the time we are done, your hands & feet have been soaked, wrapped, massaged, creamed and can’t help but feel and look like royalty.

Mani & Pedi​​​

Allow us to nail that Manicure

A good Mani & Pedi may not solve your problems but it’s a good place to start. It will clean and shape your nails, rid you of cuticles; all to keep your nails healthy and strong, all cupped by a deeply relaxing hand and foot massage before sending you back into the world with a nailed look.


We celebrate with you

What better place to relax, have a giggle with friends, enjoy a cheeky drink and pamper yourself beautiful? Book a Nails spa time or go all out and book a spa break with evening cocktails. We provide for 8-12 friends at a time.

Welcome to Nails & Chill

Juliet Believes that Possibilities are Endless, which is how she conceived Nails and Chill.
Born the only child, she was raised in a family full of cousins, love and prayer. Inspired by her Mother’s strength, she draws her own strength from touching lives and in spreading joy and happiness, she finds her passion.
With over 8 years in customer service and relationship management under her belt, Julie brings attention to detail and other rare skills and experience to guarantee customer satisfaction at Nails & Chill.
Juliet Anena

For bookings:


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